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Resources for Home Learning

We have collated a list of useful websites that contain additional learning and enrichment activities. We will be updating this page as and when we find other sites so please check back for new additions over the coming weeks.




Subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our tutors as they upload lessons, tutorials and routines that you can do at home.


What is coronavirus? - We've created a video to explain the situation to our students.


Coronavirus Vocabulary - We've created a video to define new words and phrases to our students. 





www.twinkl.co.uk - Teachers, parents and carers in the UK can get specialised access to Twinkl by visiting www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and entering the code UKTWINKLHELPS alongside an email and password. This will give you access to 630,000 resources to help at-home learning.  


www.topmarks.co.uk – Search for great educational resources for different abilities, on a wide range of topics.  


www.senteacher.org – This website is dedicated to special education and inclusive learning. It has a wide range of free downloadable activity and teaching ideas.


www.themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk  – You can now get a free month subscription to the fun, outdoor activity ideas available on this website. 


ianbean.co.uk - A website offering SEN technology resources with accessible activities and supporting materials.


www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - A website offering daily lessons suitable for all ages


bbcgoodfood.com – A site full of recipes to learn life skills by practicing cooking


Drama Toolkit – A site with drama resources from games, lesson plans and schemes of work


Big Activities – A site full of resources to learn whilst having fun


Ted Talks - A site dedicated to curiosity, in the form of short, powerful talks. There's over 3000 videos so far, so lots to learn about to suit any interests. Their section Ted-Ed is focused on lessons for children and young people.


Fun Brain - An American site providing maths games, books to read, videos to learn from and games to play.


Khan Academy - Providing free education on a wide range of subjects.


Code Academy – Learn to code with easy tutorials 


Brain Pop – A site filled with science, English, maths, arts and music activities.





www.themathsfactor.com - Carol Vorderman is opening her maths site for free during COVID-19.


Maths is fun – An American website that tests your maths skills


Snappy Maths – free worksheets and interactive activities


Splash Learn – An American website full of maths activities for all levels of abilities

Calculators.org – An American website with maths activities for all levels of abilities  





www.phonicsplay.co.uk – This is usually a subscription-based website, but they have made it accessible to all currently. It is full of free interactive games, phonics planning, assessment ideas, and printable resources to help students that may need assistance with learning to read. Username – march20 Password – home  


www.ictgames.co.uk – This is a great website with some simple literacy activities.  


OxfordOwl - free eBook library to develop reading skills for lower level reading abilities. 


Tar Heel Reader - a collection of free easy-to-read and accessible books on a wide range of topics


Audible - offering a selection of audiobooks free whilst schools and colleges are closed


The World of David Walliams - David Walliams is reading a new audiobook each day.


Open Culture – over 1000 audiobooks to download for free


Fun English Games – fun writing games

Online Safety at Home resources - activity packs





www.cosmickids.co.uk – Fun yoga stories, a great way to wind down and do some gentle exercise!


www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers - This website is full of fun activities for a wide range of age groups and abilities to help students get moving as they learn.


www.gonoodle.com – This American website is full of great dance routines, and relaxing mindfulness sessions.


www.whatmomslove.com - An American blog that has listed 87 indoor games and activities to help burn energy.


PE with Joe – The Body Coach provides a free workout routine every day.


Physical activity packs

Activity Alliance - Get active at home ideas

Parasport - Inclusive home workouts

CSP - Physiotherapy ideas from home





www.wowscience.co.uk – Various free activities that some students may find fun to try at home.

How Stuff Works - Learn about how the world works with this site that answers many questions


www.natgeokids.com – National Geographic for kids/young people has some brilliant interactive games, colouring books, and beautiful images for you to learn about wildlife, animals, and the world.


NASA – Kids Club is a great way to learn about space through games and interactive missions.





18 Activities for Speech and Language practice at home


Comprehensive list of speech and language resources for families





Create your own sensory toolbox


Calming sensory music


12 fun sensory activities



Top tips for learning achievement - A guide from an Occupational Therapist 




21 day free trial of SymWriter - This software offers writing tools for all abilities. 


Sensory App House - This website provides a list of apps for therapy and education, most of which can be downloaded for free.


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