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Inclusive Skills Competition - Glasgow 2019

Date: 31st May 2019

Our students George and Max, along with staff members Rob and Dan, travelled to Scotland to participate in an International Inclusive Skills Competition based at Glasgow College #ERASMUS+ organised by NatSpec.

Competing as the England team, George and Max were joined by students from Aurora Boveridge College in Cranborne, Dorset. They were competing against teams from Finland, Germany, France and Scotland.

The Homefield group travelled to Scotland by train and stayed in a small hotel in central Glasgow, within walking distance of the huge Glasgow College (with 40,000 registered students – a big comparison to our 70!). With some free time, they explored Glasgow and further afield using the local train service, including the underground rail system which was a first for our students as Max commented that he had only "seen it in the movies" before. The group also visited the Kelvin Hall Museum to explore the visiting dinosaur exhibit that featured a complete T-Rex skeleton - one of only three to be found in the world so far! George was very excited to see this exhibition.

For the competition, George and Max took part in the Horticulture section against the other competing nations. Despite a particularly tough competition brief, both students did incredibly well to complete the challenge which was pitched above their ability level. They presented their completed planters to the judges who then questioned them on their horticultural knowledge. Both students did above and beyond what was expected of them but unfortunately on this occasion they finished outside the top three, the event being won by the team from Finland.

The Homefield team gained so much from this trip: meeting new people, exploring a new city, trying new foods, travelling using a new mode of transport, actually being away from home for 5 days, socialising with students from different countries, the list is endless - plus Dan and Rob even tried the Haggis dinner…

The competition week was a huge success and next year’s event is already being planned. Hopefully this will give others the same opportunity that George and Max have been given and who knows, maybe next year we will be the winning team (although it really is the taking part that counts).  

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