COVID-19 Residential Home Visitor Policy

Our residential home visitor policy says how we will be allowing visitors to our houses at this time.


We recognise the importance of facilitating visits to stimulate wellbeing. We need to maintain ‘infection free’ communities in our residential homes and so during the national lockdown visitors will not be permitted to access any area other than the area that has been selected for visits. This location is 115 Homefield Road, Sileby, Leicestershire, LE12 7TG.

This will be effective from Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Visits will only be facilitated in the following way:

  • They will be pre-booked with the location and visitors will be required to stick to the agreed time.

  • Visits will take place in the location detailed above and in an area set out and indicated.

  • Visitors must enter and leave via a designated route.

  • Visiting times are in 30-minute slots, at weekends on designated dates subject to available staffing. We would ask that visitors keep to their booked time slot.

  • Only 2 members from the same household are able to consistently visit.

  • There will be a process to follow for each visit whereby we will take additional details prior to admitting visitors in order to complete a ‘Visitors Checklist’ for each visit.

  • All visitors will be asked to confirm they are symptom-free and well.

  • If there are concerns raised following completion of the ‘Visitors Checklist’ then the staff member has the right to cancel the visit.

  • Hand hygiene to be performed before and after the visit.

  • All visitors must wear a surgical face mask (provided by Homefield) or a visor in order to aid communication.

  • Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines should be adhered to.

  • Physical contact is not allowed and in the event of difficulties with this, the staff member has the right to cancel the visit.

  • Visitors will not be able to use any facilities within the house so any refreshments will need to be brought in.

  • There will be no toilet facilities available to visitors.

  • Gifts that are wrapped will be quarantined for 48 hours before given to the resident. Gifts such as chocolate bars etc. should be handed to the duty staff member who will wipe the gift before handing it to the resident.

  • If there is a breach of any of the above measures, the visitor will be asked to leave and future visits may not be possible.

  • If either the area where visits are taking place or the area where the visitor is coming from is subject to additional restrictions that means that the visit is no longer compliant then, we may cancel the visit. Homefield will revert to closure to protect the community if required to do so.

To be reviewed on any change of government guidance.

Last updated: Jan 2021