Easy-read IT Policy for Students / Day Service Members

Using IT makes things easier.

This includes:

• Typing your work

Finding out information

Taking a photo of what you did

At College you will learn new IT skills.

You will learn how to use IT safely, and develop your understanding of e-safety.

During session time you can use IT to do work when staff tell you.

You can use the computer for fun:

When you are not in work / lesson time

During breaks

• For reward times

When using IT, you should follow these rules:

• Do not look at pornographic images on the internet in College

• Play sound wearing headphones


• Play sound aloud if others in the room agree

• Do not send nasty messages

• Stop – if someone tells you to stop contacting them

• Do not send indecent images.

This is a criminal offence

• Do not take or post photos showing anyone without their permission

Get permission to have someone’s phone number

• Do not create documents that upset other people

Do not share your personal details online.

This is dangerous. 

• Do not meet in person with someone you met online.

This can be dangerous

Only use a computer that you are logged into. You must use your own username and password.

Ask for permission to use someone else’s IT

• Do not look at terrorist or extreme material.

 Make personal phone calls in your free time only

If you would like help to use technology, ask IT support staff.