IT Policy for Students / Day Service Members

Using IT makes things easier such as typing your work, finding out information, taking a photo of what you did, talking to others. At College
you will learn new IT skills.

You will learn how to safely use IT and develop your understanding of e-safety.

During session time you can use IT to do work which staff tell you.

You may use the computer for fun when NOT in work/lesson time, during breaks and for reward times.

When using IT you should:

  • Not look at pornographic images on the Internet in College (this is something you would do in private).

  • Not play sound (unless you use headphones or others in the room agree).

  • Not send ‘nasty’ messages.

  • Stop – if someone tells you to stop contacting them (talk about this with your personal tutor).

  • Not send indecent images – this is a criminal offence.

  • Not take or post photos showing anyone – you need to get their permission first.

  • Not have another person’s phone number, without their permission.

  • Not create documents that will upset others.

  • Not share your personal details online – this is dangerous.

  • Not arrange to meet a person you chat to on the Internet (this can be dangerous and you should first get guidance from staff/parent/carer).

  • Not use a computer that you are not logged onto – you need to use your own username and password.

  • Not use someone else’s technology without their permission e.g. iPad, mobile phone (you need to ask them first).

  • Not look at terrorist or extreme material.

  • Making personal phone calls in sessions / at work is not allowed, please use your free time for this.

If you would like anything to help you use IT please ask IT support.

You can print 10 printouts per day for free; any more will cost 5p a sheet.

Remember: If you use Facebook, make sure that the settings are set to ‘Private’ – if you don’t do this anyone on the internet can look at your