Provider Access Policy

Our provider access policy tells you our arrangements for providers talking with our beneficiaries.


This policy statement sets out the College’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the College for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.

This complies with the College’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Student Entitlement

All students are entitled to:

  • Hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including further education, supported internships and career providers – through career fairs, transition events, FE open days, external placements/ visits

  • Raised awareness of future options

  • Information point for:

    • Education, Training and Employment

    • Rights

    • Leisure and community

    • Benefits and Money

  • Develop their self-awareness and self-advocacy skills

  • Develop career planning skills

  • Manage and plan transition

Management of Provider Access Request


A provider wishing to request access should contact Keleigh Windram (Careers Lead) using the contact information below:

Telephone: 01509 815696

Opportunities for access

A number of events, integrated into the Colleges careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into speak to students and / or their parent / carer. Please speak to our careers team to identify the most suitable opportunity for you.

Work Experience / Supported Internship

Enable students to experience working environments and correcting misinterpreted beliefs surrounding different areas. They will further develop their transferable work skills that they develop in vocational sessions and working in enterprises. It is here students can see where their skills can be applied to a variety of tasks. This will allow them to make informed choices surrounding their Career Path, whether that be further education, training and / or employment.

Employers are invited to attend free awareness courses, provided by Homefield College to give them a better understanding of students’ individual needs and specific
disabilities such as autism. Students sample placements throughout the year and different durations

Employer Encounters

This could be through:

  • Employer presentations

  • Mock interviews

  • Work place shadowing / visits

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

IAG sessions are available to support students to identify what is on offer locally and within their home areas. It is within this session that students can develop an
understanding of what skills they have and where / how they can be applied.

Students will also be given the opportunity to gain skills during specific workshops, such as CV writing, interview techniques and have access to external employability advice.

Community Projects

To give students the opportunity to actively get involved with community projects:

  • Event planning

  • Environmental projects

Higher Education

Students gain an understanding of future study programmes that are available to them through college / university visits within their local area. Linking their aspirations to a career pathway. Supporting students to apply the Labour Market information and identifying what skills / qualifications are required to achieve the outcome that they desire.

We work with higher education providers to extend the curriculum offer, through further education fairs / visits.

Transition Events

Broaden students’ opportunities to make them aware of what’s on offer post Homefield College.

This includes provision in Leicester, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire from the following areas:

  • Further education providers

  • Careers services such as Job Centre plus, Remploy and Mencap

  • Employers with job opportunities: open to Supported internships

Premises and Facilities

The College will make classrooms or private meeting rooms are available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity. The College will also make available AV and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Lead or a member of their team.

Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature at the HFC Careers room, which is managed by the Careers Lead. The Careers room is available to all students at lunch and break times.


Providers must comply with the College’s safeguarding policy.

Review / Amendment

The organisation reserves the right to review this policy and procedure at any time if deemed necessary and to amend it accordingly. Any changes will be notified to all staff and updates uploaded to SharePoint and the College’s website.

Date: Jan 2022
Review: Sept 2023
Person Responsible: Careers Lead