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Virtual Art Exhibition 2020/21

We're sharing a collection of artwork our current students have created this academic year as a celebration of their work.

From creating Christmas and Easter cards to discussing the Black Lives Matter movement, logo creation to graphic design, our Art & Craft students have been bursting with creativity. They have learnt about art movements and researched artists independently, all working towards an Arts Award alongside their studies.

As you’ll see as you scroll through this exhibition, our students have great talent, imagination and artistic vision. We are really proud of the work they have created across the year.



Splatter Art

I have taken part in craft, painting techniques, colour theory, drawing and card making.

I liked paint splatter painting the best and using the masking tape to make different patterns. I have learnt how to make a mess!

I have learnt how to make an envelope, and made Xmas and Easter Cards to go inside. I like the process of making things such as the gift bags we made at Christmas.

I have enjoyed the lessons as I have had fun learning. I have enjoyed developing new skills, making new friends and learning about Banksy.

I am more confident and trust in my abilities. I have learnt to be more independent as well.

I would like to use the skills I have learnt on this course to help me in my future development.

– Laura B

Student smiling with arms out covered in paint splashes

Printing & Stencilling

Pencil Techniques

Art Movements, Artist Research

I researched Anne Stokes.

She was born in London, England and now lives in Yorkshire.

Stokes is known for fantasy art and has been a professional artist since 2000.

She is best known for her work illustrating Dungeons & Dragons.

I researched her on the internet – finding examples of work and her history.

I have enjoyed studying Anne Stokes. I shared what I learnt about her with the Art & Craft group.

I have created Dungeons & Dragons fantasy inspired art, including characters and settings.

This is a piece of my artwork. It is a fantasy landscape.

– AJ

Fantasy drawing of a moon, castle and river


Black Lives Matter

Character Development

I have done creative media on Thursdays and graphic design on Fridays.

I have learnt different styles of art like:
– Pop Art pictures
– splatter painting
– drawing
– stencil Christmas Cards
– film and animation

I like making my doll characters out of clay. They look like cartoon characters. I made McDonald’s meals for my characters.

I like animation and making my characters on the computer too.

– Lizzy P

Clay character of a woman surrounded by McDonalds food items

Graphic Design

Logos & Lettering

I enjoy doing bubble writing and I am pleased that my tutor said it was really good.

I have learnt about colours on the colour wheel and what is nice together.

I like the contrast in the colours black and white. I just like black because it has a feeling of power, contemporary, high, death, night and evil.

My logo has hearts on it because I like the shape.

I have learnt how to make my own font on the computer as well.

I am now confident to answer questions in class which is something I used to be unable to do.

From doing this course I have learnt I am good at painting which I haven’t done before.  I am going to continue developing my skills at home.

– Katie B

Pop Art style drawing with name Katie in the middle of an explosion

Thank you for viewing our virtual art exhibition!