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Ethan’s Waitrose Diary

Hi, my name’s Ethan and last term I started my 5-week work experience at Waitrose. Whilst there, I learnt lots of new skills, which will help me to secure a job in the future.

Ethan using task sheet, checking jobs board and ticking off tasks

Checking Work & Task Lists

My role at Waitrose

I had to do a variety of practical tasks throughout the placement, some of which were the following:

  • Working stock – unloading stock off the crates onto shelves
  • Facing forward – moving stock to the front of the shelves
  • Till shadowing – watching a staff member using a till
  • Layouts – rearranging the shelves
  • Promo prep – preparing the shelves for the new promotional stock

I found the placement extremely beneficial.

Ethan unpacking shelf, crushing cardboard and using cardboard mac

Unpacking boxes, collapsing cardboard, using the cardboard compactor machine

What I enjoyed

I particularly enjoyed working with Waitrose colleagues Katie, Jenna, Kim, Nik, Maxine and Laura. The team were very supportive and took me under their wings.

The variety of jobs kept me busy throughout my placement. Waitrose was so accommodating to me and helped me feel more confident in myself when working there.

The break room atmosphere was really great too and I enjoyed speaking to the staff when I was in there with them. I was included in conversations and felt part of the team on and off the shop floor.

Ethan removing stock, cleaning shelf, and moving products to front of shelf

Emptying shelves, cleaning fridge, facing up

What I found difficult and how I handled it

When customers asked me difficult questions that I didn’t know the answer to – so I directed them to one of my colleagues

Some of the jobs could get too repetitive and dull sometimes for me – so I asked my manager to give me a different job to break up the day

Ethan stocking shelf, looking at stock, and moving products on shelf

Placing stock on shelves, checking stock space, rearranging layout

My Top Tips

Overall, I really liked my placement and would recommend it to others. Here are my top tips for working at Waitrose for other students that work or want to work there in the future:

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask your manager for advice when something is bothering you
  2. Take each task at your own pace, there’s no need to rush as it’s not a race
  3. Always remain self-aware and professional when on the shop floor

To Waitrose and the staff that worked there – thank you very much for the work experience, I really enjoyed my time with you and I had a great experience.

Ethan on a tour with staff member, pointing to rota white board, and talking with colleague

Store Tour, Checking Rota, Working with Colleagues