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Feeling Anxious About Joining Us? I Was Too!

Butterflies in your stomach when you think about September? Allow me to settle some of your nerves!

Let Me Introduce Myself:

I’m Finola, a first-year student at Homefield and I’m going to be talking you through my experience of Homefield – starting from the summer to now.

I’ll be sharing some tips on how to make that all-important first day easier – for both students and parents!

How Homefield Helped Me Before I Even Started There:

The support I received from Homefield College when I first joined was very beneficial.

I was sent all of the following things:

  • Easy to read information
  • Simple, concise emails (not too often)
  • Letters about induction events

All of the staff I met when looking round the college beforehand were incredibly friendly!

My Induction Experience:

I took part in an Arts & Crafts Induction event over the summertime and learnt the following things from it:

  • It’s OK to be nervous beforehand – everyone’s in the same boat!
  • Socialising openly with other students is key
  • Tutors just want the best out of you
  • All the college buildings are closer together than you think!

Tips For Newcomers Before You Start:

Familiarise yourself with where the College is

Read through all the information that gets sent to you

Attend our transition and induction events if possible

Email tutors or the principal if you are unsure of anything

Go to the enrolment event and pick up your lanyard ready for when you start

Tips For Parents:

Look on the Homefield College website ahead of time

Respond to emails sent by the college

Make sure your child’s funding to come to Homefield is secure

Go through a checklist of items your child will need whilst at college

Talk to your child about how they are feeling about joining Homefield

My First Term Reflections:

  1. I feel much more settled now
  2. I’ve built good working relationships with the staff
  3. I am enjoying my varied timetable of lessons & work placement
  4. I’ve become stronger managing my emotions
  5. I am able to confidently express my feelings and ask for help when needed


To conclude, make sure you have:

  • Gathered as much information as possible!!
  • Asked for guidance if you were unsure
  • Got answers to ALL your questions!
  • Prepared your college bag beforehand
  • Had a good night’s sleep!!

Good Luck!

Check out our socials to find out more 🙂