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Inclusive Students = Inclusive Results!

Recently we launched a #HomefieldRespects inclusive competition. This was looking to showcase how our students are shining through all four aspects of our Homefield Respects Campaign.

These are:

  • Respect YOURSELF

  • Respect EACH OTHER

  • Respect THE LEARNING

  • Respect THE PLACE

Our fantastic winners were Pathway Two students Luke G and Haroon H for their amazing, inspiring, Homefield RESPECTS rap!

Respect is feeling good about yourself,

Exercise, eat well and look after your health.

Respect each other, treat each other right,

Don’t keep going and looking for a fight.

Have pride in your achievements and the achievements of others,

At Homefield, we live as sisters and brothers.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and be safe,

We should always respect our beautiful place.

Don’t drop litter,

Let’s not be bitter!

Respect is when you try your best,

Don’t be a hater, don’t be a pest.

Ask for help when you need it, don’t struggle on your own,

There’s people around, you’re never alone!

Homefield Respects is where it’s at,

Know what I’m sayin’, BRAP BRAP BRAP!

As their prize for winning the competition, our Inclusive Competitions Co-ordinator Nisha organised a trip to Alton Towers. Both students enjoyed a day of experiencing theme park rides and having fun!

Thanks to everyone who took part. We received some amazing entries and were blown away by how hard everyone worked on their creations! Keep a look out for future competitions coming soon…