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King Charles III Trades Crown for Security Checks: Shocker at East Midlands Airport!

Fake news is all around us. It fuels misinformation, stokes fear and polarises society. It's important to be able to fact-check and spot when information may not be true.

That’s why students have been learning about fake news, some of the potential signs that a piece of information may not be true, and how to stay vigilant.

As part of this work, students in The Newsroom discussed their top tips for identifying fake news, before taking a person, a place and a word prompt out of a hat and creating a story about it for their Creative Writing lesson. This put their skills into practice, using all of the ‘fake news red flags’ to craft the perfect fake news piece.

Jacob’s top tip for you for recognising fake news is to look out for typos in the writing. He then went on to produce a fantastic article with his three prompts: “King Charles III, East Midlands Airport, employed’.

Read on to hear about a shocking career change for a member of the Royal Family…



by Jacob A.

Great excitement is in the air, literally as THE King Charles has announced that he is taking up a job as a security officer at East Midlands airport in Castle Donnington, “I need a break from all the royal duties that bestow my title so I’m thrilled to have this job opportunity” says the magnificent monarch.

As of the 30th June, 2023, the East Midlands airport head have a spot open in the security guard line and have been looking for those with eagles eyes and attention to detail to ensure that nothing suspicious slips through like weapons and ammunition and a few security guards have either retired or moved to new jobs elsewhere. “We were really starving for new security guards and we desperately needed to fill the shoes of those who’ve left us so when his majesty offered to take up a role as one of the guards, we were absolutely thrilled” says one of the security guards and the royal family say that it’s a great honour to have one of them to represent themselves in East Midland Airport, “May Father flourish at EMR” says Prince William.

The public, however are being sure to please the monarch on his new job as to not get into trouble, especially with the royal family, “East Midlands airport is the last place I’d expect to find royalty” says one jet setter, bound for France who used East Midlands to get to Charles De Gaulle in Paris., “”What’s next to happen, cakes to gain sugary wings and take off?” says another coming back from Vaclav Havel airport in Prague, Czech Republic.

East Midlands airport originated from a royal air force station in 1943 and was used to train RAF Bomber crews, it was later closed and and decommissioned in 1946, it was later bought by local government agencies and was renamed to East Midlands Airport to refect the area it served. It is currently the 11th busiest airport in the UK by passenger traffic and the second busiest after London Heathrow for Traffic.


Can you spot the fake news clues Jacob left for you?

Well done Jacob for an excellent piece of work!