Adverse Weather guidance

We take every precaution to ensure the college stays open where it is safe to do so. However, in the event of a college closure, we follow the guidance below.

When experiencing adverse weather, we consider the upcoming forecast, conditions of the roads around the college and in areas students are travelling from, staffing levels and the safety of our sites. We make a best-interest decision in light of the wellbeing and safety of our students and staff.

In the majority of cases, this will be that the college is open for those who feel able to travel, with remote provision for those safer at home.

In some instances however, it may be necessary to shut either part or all of our college locations.

For all eventualities, we will keep the college status updated on our website and communicate with parents / carers and staff members as necessary.

Closure in advance

When we have prior notice of adverse weather, Senior Management assess the current conditions and the weather forecast in the evening.

If it seems highly likely that the conditions will be unsafe for the next college day, we will send an email and / or text message to parents / carers, taxi companies and staff members once the decision to close has been taken.

Closure in the morning

When adverse weather occurs overnight or in the morning, Senior Management assess the local conditions and endeavour to make a decision as early as is practicable.

If we experience adverse weather on the morning of a college day that is deemed unsafe, we will send an email and / or text message to parents / carers, taxi companies and staff members informing them of this decision.

Closure during the day

When adverse weather happens during the day or conditions worsen, Senior Management assess the risk to student safety and ability to travel home.

If we have to close during the college day, we will call parents / carers of students who are attending that day to arrange an early collection and inform taxi companies.