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Measure Twice, Saw Once!

Hi, I'm Dominic, and I have been asked to write a blog post all about my Forest School lessons here at Homefield.

I have been learning how to use different equipment.

Boy in forest with hat and coat
Here I am in the forest!

I have used a saw to chop wood and I had to wear eye protection to stop pieces of wood going in my eyes. I also had to wear gloves, because otherwise pieces of wood can get in-between your finger nails.

Boy trimming hedge
Cutting the hedges

The other piece of equipment I’ve used is a rake. I was using the rake to clear the leaves up in the autumn.

I love going around to different places and seeing the different woodlands and forestry. I have really enjoyed seeing the different trees and woods.

These are the different skills I’ve been learning:

  • Weeding
  • Wood sawing
  • Raking
  • Chopping
  • Burning

Boy kneeling on the ground weeding weeds from the grass
I get covered in mud when weeding!

We’ve also been learning how to have bonfires and learning how to set them up.

The best bit about forest school is being outside all day in the woods.

group of boys and girls in forest smiling  at the camera
Here I am with my peers in the forest