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Reflection: National Careers Week 2023

Last week we celebrated careers guidance and resources to help support young people leaving education. Find out what our students got up to for National Careers Week...

Here at Homefield, we view careers as ‘living your best life’, providing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make their next choices in life.

Throughout the week, students engaged with a schedule of events that further shined a light on the world of careers and what this means for them. This included learning about essential skills – such as listening, speaking, problem-solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork – and discovering the meaning of buzz words like full-time / part-time, promotion, salary, overtime and shift work.

Subject Safari

Students embarked on a Subject Safari, exploring the wide range of subjects we offer, visiting new sites and getting ideas for the future. Taster lessons included:

  • creative media

  • Breward’s Coffee Shop

  • art & craft

  • performing arts

  • health & fitness

  • woodwork

  • horticulture

For each subject, students had a go at an activity and learnt about what skills they could develop taking this lesson, the potential career paths this subject could lead to and their rough salaries.

This Subject Safari helps students make informed decisions about their future as well as what lessons they would like on their timetable next term. All students experienced something totally new whilst exploring possibilities for helping them to live their best life.

Students trying different lessons. Woodwork, Digital Media, Art & Craft, Horticulture

Severn Trent

A group of students visited the Severn Trent Water Derby Education Centre. Met by Phil Pearce who previously ran workshops with us last May, the group learnt about the water cycle before being offered an opportunity to look around the site and see a fully operational sewage treatment plant in action.

As the temperatures were so cold, some students chose to stay in the classroom and research the company and different jobs within it. Those who braved the cold were treated to a tour around the site and learnt:

  • about the things people put down their toilets

  • the importance of screening the sewage

  • oxygen is used in addition to chemicals to treat the water

  • it takes your waste approximately 2 hours from flushing your toilet to reach the treatment plant

The group listened well, followed instructions and kept safe by following the rules and wearing PPE.

Backs of students wearing high vis jackets at Severn Trent Waters

Careers Dress Up Day

We held a unique event to introduce the concept of jobs, employability skills and key values. Students had the opportunity to meet and interview different staff members who came dressed as something related to a career. The event helped build up students’ confidence and independence in interacting with new people and discussing job roles.

Three particular highlights from the day included Curriculum Manager Tom as ‘Wayne the Warehouse Operative’, Careers Lead Keleigh reliving her past role as a ‘Travel Agent’, and Communications Lead Helen representing ‘Video Game Designer’ as a Pokémon.

Students learnt about Wayne’s job description and health & safety in the warehouse, the rise and fall of the travel agent industry with the introduction of internet holiday bookings and that the creator of Pokémon (Satoshi Tajiri) is autistic. They discussed the skills, qualifications and progression routes available to lead into these varied careers and how in all three cases, teamwork is vital.

Staff members dressed as a warehouse operative, travel agent and in a snorlax costume to represent video game designer

Our Employers

So far this year we are working with 21 employers through our supported internships and work experience placements, and have many great organisations offering CV workshops, careers talks, site tours and other employer encounter opportunities.

Our valued employers are making a difference to the lives of young people who have learning and / or communication difficulties. Offering these chances helps students make informed decisions about their next steps, as well as build their confidence and knowledge and gain transferable skills in the process.

If your company is interested in making a difference, find out about the wide range of ways you can work with us.

Montage of students at work placements

Accessible Careers Information

National Careers Week for us at Homefild is about exploring Labour Market Information in accessible ways. We use the fantastic Your Futures resource by the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, which contains a wealth of career information tailored to young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our careers programme, you can get in touch with our Careers Lead Keleigh Windram by email ( or by calling Reception on 01509 815696 to be transferred through to Keleigh.