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Students find their inner “Jenna Douglass”

Jenna Douglass creates mixed media pieces, through collage, painting, masking, and drawing. Her work is filled with a variety of lines and textures. Staff have been using her work to help students learn about composition, masking techniques, and layering.

Students from our Pathway 2, Pathway 3 and Supported Internship study programmes have been finding their own ideas and expressing their creativity through their work since the start of December 2021.

We are all very impressed with where they have taken their ideas and wanted to share some of their work so far with you. Watch this space as these are only the start… students are moving on to planning bigger pieces with titles like “City Scape” and “Cave”… Keep up the good work all!

Mixed Media pieces by Katie B (P3)

Katie has found a real passion for this style of mixed media and is creating many pieces at home as well as in college.

Some very creative and thought-provoking work going on here Katie.

Student holding three pieces of mixed media artwork
“Clouds”, “Dream” & “Bird” – Katie

Love & Family by Eve M (P2)

Eve is very inspired by her favourite colour pink and is exploring different ways of using the colour.

This was her first-ever attempt at mixed media – an excellent first piece!

Love mixed media artwork. Handmade with love tape over a background of butterflies
“Love & Family” – Eve

“Explosion” by Finola A (SI)

“I am enjoying developing pieces. This one seemed ok until I added the electronics and then it all came together.” Finola A

Danger mixed media - floppy disk and computer parts on a background that says danger
“Danger” – Finola

Calm by Carly T (P3)

This was Carly’s first attempt at using mixed media. She has incorporated decoupage, soft pastels and textiles along with other 3D elements to produce this piece for a friend.

Carly continues to show the patience to develop larger pieces with many different media. She is currently working on “Caves”, which we will all be excited to see.

Great work Carly!!

Chill Out mixed media - hearts and flowers on a pink background. Text reads "chill out, breathe through your anger"
“Chill Out” – Carly

Coffee by Laura B (SI)

Laura experimented beautifully with her concept of “Coffee”.

“This is the piece of work from school and college that has made me most proud… I am really enjoying being creative with all the different materials.” Laura B (SI)

Student holding their mixed media coffee artwork
“Coffee” – Laura