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What you should expect from Homefield

Hello, I am Denzil, a second-year student at Homefield. I am an ambitious student and with the endorsement and encouragement of the college I have managed to achieve many things that will help me in life.

This is what to expect as a new student:

You should expect our friendly faces to greet you when you arrive, whether on Open Days or during college hours.

You should expect us to give you, our respect!

And lastly, you should expect us to help you with whatever you need, whether medical, physical, or social needs – expect us to jump in to help if you feel unable to do so.

Student reading workbook

My experience with Homefield

Over the course of two years, I have managed to overcome hurdles, both mentally and physically, growing in self-confidence and improving socialising with my peers.

The lessons I have found to be a great opening into a world of fun and creativity along with gaining insight in businesses and working in the creative fields (including maths and English).

I find the college to be a great boon in my education, allowing me to achieve my goals in gaining my qualifications and any further education.

Within two years, I have managed to gain comradery with my peers, and I thank the college for helping me with that.

Student running with baton

Tips for students

Familiarise yourself with fellow students, staff, or any faculty member.

Ask for anything you need to help you.

Take initiative, though if you are unsure do tell a staff.

Go to the enrolment event to pick up your lanyard.

Finally, email any staff if you have concerns.

Student writing on interactive whiteboard

Tips for adults

Ask staff questions.

Look for any emails sent by the college.

Ensure your student is comfortable going to college.

Talk to your student about how they feel about joining Homefield College.

Student filling in Arts Award


In conclusion to this blog, I find the college to be quite helpful, not only as a student but with parents / carers as well.

You are in safe hands, do ask questions.

Student looking a computer keyboard