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Christmas is OVER!

Well for the students on the Craft and Graphic Design Enterprise session it is! Look at the gallery below to see what our students got up to preparing for Christmas.

Since the start of this academic year students on the Friday Design group have been learning the basics of graphic design with particular emphasis on colour theory.

Learning that designing and producing products needs to happen very much in advance of the event has been one of the more interesting discussions within the group. Students have spent hours designing and producing their handmade Christmas Cards and by the first week in November were officially declared all Christmas out.

Student Laura enjoying the splatter paint technique – not sure where has the most paint!

Students Abbie and AJ getting down to the serious business of ‘Cupid for Christmas’ digital artwork

Student Abbie’s first attempt at embossing card. She managed it without setting fire to the paper – which is more than can be said for staff Julie!

Student Chelsea very busy perfecting her sponge stencil technique. “I never realised how much more accuracy I could get wit a sponge than a brush”

Student Abbie showing student Lizzy some different approaches to making a 3D card and leading the group for the session