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Vote For Me, I’ll Change Things!

As part of a mock election, Pathway Two Personal Development students created a campaign around what they would do if they were to become PM.

This was a lesson in British Values and democracy, teaching students the election and voting process in a way that they could become involved and engaged.

All students involved, both the campaigners and those voting, learnt about the election process. The following students chose to run for election on the below campaign promises:

  • Alex K – Give everybody presents and cake for the coronation.

  • Ali J – Bring pets to college.

  • Josh L – Everybody to have McDonald’s every day for lunch.

  • Max T – Give everybody money.

  • Sam G – Pay everybody’s gas and electric bills.

Pictures of students and staff voting

The students then had to campaign to potential voters to win votes. They used communication skills to campaign with staff and students and set up the polling station, with Max on the door checking voters had their polling cards and identification before being allowed to vote.

Sam F was in charge of organising the Ballot box with Alex K, taking down a list of voters’ names for records. Students and staff came from far and wide to cast their votes.

We had some late entry postal votes landing last minute. The voting closed, and with great excitement, the votes were counted….

The winner was Ali J, with Sam G a very close 2nd place (with only one vote being the difference!).

Well done all, this was a great learning experience!